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I play around with country music as hobby.

I have written and recorded a few original songs:
These songs are included in the two albums listed below.

Album one is: HARD TIMES
Album two is: HOOKED ON COUNTRY:

Hard Times: An Album by Larry Johnson

Hooked on Country: An Album by Larry Johnson

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Side One:
Goin' Back to Bein' Me (Jeff Simon)
Hello Daddy (L. Johnson)
After Sweet Memories - Play Born to Lose Again (K. Robbins)
Again (K. Robbins)
A Woman and a Friend (L. Johnson)
Working Poor (L.Johnson)

Side Two:
Highway of Tears (L. Johnson)
Easy to Say - Hard to Do (L. Johnson)
Hooked on Country (L. Johnson)
Autumn Dream (L. Johnson)

Side One:
Hooked on Country (L. Johnson)
A Woman and a Friend (L. Johnson)
Imagine That (L. Johnson)
Guess Our Love is Over (L. Johnson)
Thinking of a Rendevous (Throckmorton and Braddock

Side Two:
Me and My Old Guitar (L. Johnson)
Talk to an Angel (L. Johnson)
Just Plain Country (L. Johnson)
I Worry About You (L. Johnson)
Loved You in My Mind (Conway Twitty)

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