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I am Nadeem Akhtar, born in Sialkot an Industrial city of Pakistan. I am proud to be a Pakistani. I am a Muslim, and I have a very strong belief in Islam. I was born on 26th of July, 1970. I am the eldest in the family of three brothers and three sisters. Next to me is my sister. She is a fresh graduate in Bachelor of Medicine from Nishter Medical College, Multan, and she is currently working in Lahore. My next two sisters are still studying in College. Next to them are my brothers, Waseem Akhtar and Naeem Akhtar, they are also studying.

My fathers served as a RADAR fitter in Pakistan Air Force for many years, we were living with him in Islamabad/Rawalpindi until he left for Kuwait for similar job in Kuwait Air Force. We then transfered to our village Balanwala near to Sialkot. We are basically farmer but as my father starts serving in Air Force he left our land to my uncles for use. I studied in Federal Government Public School until my High school graduation. Then I got enroled in Alama Iqbal Degree College Sialkot for a two years study in Pre-Engineering degree. After my F.Sc. I enrolled in Jinnah Islamia College Sialkot for my B.Sc in Mathematics and Physics. After I successfully graduated in BSc, I came to Philippines to have my studies in BS Computer Engineering. I am now a Computer Engineer. But I still did not stoped studying I am now enrolled in MS Management Engineering.

During my childhood I was always interested in Electronics, probably because my father was working in this feild, and I often saw him working with TVs and Radios. I was very amazed how does a picture comes on TV screen even if there is no one inside TV. I thought may be there are very small people living inside TVs. Whatever was it, it caught my attention and I started breaking my father's tools and equipments. I distroyed almost every thing he had, after he left Pakistan for Kuwait.

I started working with electronics properly when I was in eighteth grade, but my first big successful projects were not made until I was in final year high school.

My interest in computers started during my second year college in 1989. My father baught me a hand held programable CASIO calculator It was able to program in BASIC programming language. Then in 1990 I baught famous Commodore 64C computer with a disk drive, and a new world was opened to me. Soon I baught an IBM XT compatible with a 20MB hard disk and a color CGA monitor. It was a great experience to work with it.

I got some new friends with an interest in Computers and we formed a Computer club named Mujahid Computer Club , it was first computer club in Sialkot with an aim to provide a cheaper computer information to those who cannot afford it. I was chosen as the first president of the club, I worked there for almost six months until I came to Philippines for studying in Computer Engineering, I earned my BSc degree in March 1992 from Punjab University Lahore.

I came to Philippines in 14th June 1992. I was enrolled in Adamson University, Manila on 15th of June 1992 as a freshman in Computer Engineering. During my studies I got interested in Comparative religions. I studied different religions from the books found in University's library. Since Philippine is a Christian country so I was more interested in Christianity and being a Muslim I also studied Islam. Then my religious upbringing started and I become more and more inclined towards Islam. The books which influenced me most are "Islam in Focus" by Hammudah Abdalati and "Bible, Qur'an and Science" by Dr. Maurice Bocaille.

I also enrolled in a short course for the study of different Religions in International Relation and Information Centre, Manila. It was a six months study and we were taught about different religions of the world especially Christianity, my teacher was a former baptist pastor who embraced Islam, his name is Isa Abdullah Biago.

In February 1994 I baught a 2400bps modem and it took me into the cyberspace. I explored the Philippine Electronic Bulletin Board Services (BBS) and other online services. I started exchanging messages with others and due to my religious inclination I was much active in religious discussion areas. I found out that most people don't know about Islam and they simply are misinformed about this great religion. So I made it my mission to tell the people what Islam actually means. Islam is not only Jihad or marrying four wives or avoiding the pig, it is more than that and far better than any other system of the world.

I then upgraded myself to Hayes Accura 14.4 Kbps and got Internet e-mail access (full Internet was not yet easily available) and it put me into another dimension of cyberspace. In March 1996 I was graduated in BS Computer Engineering from Adamson University. In April 1996 I took admission in MS Management Engineering in Adamson University.

To tell the people about Islam I felt a need of an Islamic online service, so on 11th March I started my own BBS named IqraNet BBS which is the only Muslim operated BBS in the Philippines.

I am very interestedd in jungles and it is my wish that I will always spend my time with the purity and peace of forests. Forests which are not hypocrate they will treat you same with others, they will give you same they can give to anyone else, they will not decieve you. They give you pure nature, without any concrete walls. I love green color.

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    M. Nadeem Akhtar

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