A Vision For The Forest

excerpts from

The Truth About Rainforest Destruction

a book by Russell G. Coffee


Today, the last Indian wars rage in the Tropics. At stake--our planet's ecology. The Truth About Rainforest Destruction details these conflicts and their solutions. EXPLAINED: The Developed World's attempt to create "Banana Republics" via free-trade and development loans that destroy rainforests. REVEALED: A marshaling of environmental and indigenous rights organizations determined to have their say.
The Truth About Rainforest Destruction is packed with moving examples of environmental heroism. Inspiring stories are told of Chico Mendes, Kayapo Chief Paulinho Piaikan, Wangari Maathai, and others who risk their lives to save forests.

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a Short Review,
the Introduction,
about Rainforest Indians,
about Rates and Causes of deforestation,
about Who Profits from deforestation,
about Sustainable Development,
about Solutions,
who has Endorsed The Truth About Rainforest Destruction,
about author Russell G. Coffee.

Click here to see NASA Photos of burning rainforests that can be seen from space.


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