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Assalam-o-Alaekum! (Peace and blessings of God be upon you) So! finally you made it to my den. I knew you'll come one day. I've been waiting for you for so long. Thanks for coming. Now you'd be wondering, who I am? My name is Nasir Farooq Usmani. I am from Pakistan and currently living in Staten Island, New York. What will you find on this page? Wonderful links to the sites related to Pakistan (the country I belong to), Islam (the faith I follow) and some unimportant sites of general interest. Please E-mail me if any of the links on this page is not working. I'll take it away. Moreover, I appreciate appreciations and (+ve) suggestions but critism! obviously nobody likes and is normally ignored (kidding).

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Before you go on and slip out of my page, I'll urge you to BOOKMARK IT for future visits. I'll keep adding interesting stuff to it. And once again! suggestions are welcome

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Pakistan Link, California Monthly PHOOL Digest (URDU) Zarposh: Fashion & Style
Pakistan Today Saher, Pakistan's only E-zine Khushbu
Indus News The Cricketer CNN

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Kalima Tayyaba
"And there is no god but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger"
(That is all it really takes to accept Islam and become a Muslim)

Islam and other related sites
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Last sermon of Holy Prophet (PBUH) Islam, Muslims and Quran Understanding Islam and Muslims
Ibrahim Shafi's Page
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Muslim Scholars Home Page Introduction to IslamList of Halal & Haram
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Islamic Audio Studio Radio AL Islam Prayer Timings
Women in Islam Muslim Matrimonial Link

Al Zafar Matrimonial

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Some poetry, music and other entertainment links
Deewan-e-Ghalib and more Mariam's Poetry Hameed's Poetry (Urdu)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Hina's Presentation from PTV Pakistani Dramas
Pakistani Music More Pakistani Music Pakistani Pop Music
Weddings in Pakistan Pakistani Models Pakistani Cuisine
Desi Party Zone Indian Movies Review Madhuri Dixit's Homepage

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Small World

It's a small world

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