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Measuring Greenhouse Gases in Antarctica - PNRA Italy-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche , Roma)
DNA Argentine and PNRA Italy
Jubany station in situated in the King George Island , South Shetland archipelago , just North of the Antarctic peninsula (see map ). The station is managed by Argentine Antarctic Program and is supported by CNR-IDAC through National Antarctic Program of Italy (PNRA).
Jubany is one of three stations measuring CO2 continuously in Antarctica.The program is part of Global Atmospheric Watch of
World Meteorological Organization 
People overwintering at the Jubany station       CO2 Laboratory
1994 :Carlos Schnell
1995 : Jorge Calcagno
1996 : Julio Raiponeri
1997 : Gabriel Pagnossin
1998 : Fabian Yapura
1999 : JosŤ Luis Piatti
2000:  Fabian Yapura
2001:  Ruben Copa
2002: Josť Luis Gianni
2003: Juan Angel  Gonzalez Campos
2004: Carlos Colombo
2005: Leonardo Cantoni
2006: Cristian Giampieri
2007: Gabriel Paz
2008: Arnaldo Dimuro - Ricardo Ortiz
2009: Facundo Oliva Cuneo- JosŤ Garcia
a view of the Laboratory
where CO2 is measured
a view of the station  during the winter
one of the visitors
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last CO2 graph
inside the Laboratory : the CO2 equipment.