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My interests are: Object Oriented Programming (OOPs), Novels, Hiking, Movies/Music, Travel. Want to know more About Me
Some of my photos, family, friends in My Photo Album
I've an oscillating interest in photography (really amateur), some of my Natural Photos Slideshow


Technical Stuff in this page are Object Oriented Programming, Distributed Computing (especially CORBA). Enter the maze of Nachi's OO World


I have a passion for my mother tongue tamil. View My Tamil Home Page ( To view this page you need to install Murasu fonts).
Tamilian in bayarea of california? Check out Bayarea Tamil Manram . I'm the Public Relations Officer for them :-) for year 2001-02.
New My Favourite Top Tamil Movies
Listen to superb Kandukonden Kandukonden Songs

Favourite Cause

Countless children in india are uneducated and does not have basic health care. Child Labour, Malnourihsment for so many millions back home. "Dream a little do a little", even $10 a month can make a difference in life of 8 kids. Help Them Grow , by VIBHA(erstwhile CRY Inc).


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