Interviews with Wilbur Smith

I had occasion to contact Dr. Stotesbury when I learned from a chance visit to the Joensuu University web page, that he had conducted an interview with the famed author some time in 1989. I admit to badgering him for the text of the interview which I have wasted no time in putting up here for fans to read . I am much obliged to the good doctor for his permission to publish this material. Indeed there is another reference to Wilbur Smith on that page which Iím sure will also make for interesting reading...

I had located a couple of other detailed interviews in the Northern Lights special collection, but sadly these ae no longer online. If you get hold of copies, do let me know. the original links are Northern Light Special Collection and this one - an encounter between a somewhat condescending journalist and Wilbur Smith at an airport Encounter at the Dublin Airport. An interesting insight into the private life of the famous author!

This one I have hunted for some time: it was published in the Sunday Express of London in 1997. Exclusive to this page!

A couple of other interesting interviews:


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