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Good day to you all! This is Alphus. Unfortunately, due to moving and lack of Internet access, I have been unable to update this page. However, I have decided to give this page a GREAT change. Firstly, this page will now be shared by a "co-owner" named "Dan". He will have the same power as I; however, because he owns another web page other than this one, he will merely suggest content while I will actually put it into code. You may contact him about various problems with the page as you may contact me. Secondly, there will be new sections in this page about non-computer topics. The following two sections will be created: a music section, and a fanfiction section for anime, games, and possibly TV shows. Thirdly, I will put up an application instructions page for the new sections. For the music section, I am looking for someone with the necessary experience and broad knowledge to take over that section, since I lack the correct kind of gifts or talent. More info on the music page. Also, I will need a fanfic committee of probably at least five in order to actually start hosting fanfics. I do not want to rate the fanfics myself as fanfics should not be rated by one person's bias. More info on application on the fanfiction page. Well, for now, until the applicants have been found, I will continue working on the web page. Oh yes, the links to Dan's page has been added, and finally, the URL to Gee-Q (formerly Trackmaster) has been found. The link can be found in the links section as "G-Stylez Records". Also, stay tuned to this site for a new design in the future. Until next time, this is Alphus, signing off.

(New updates 12/14/2000: Made new changes and created new sections. Old updates 12/31/99: Made a small wake-up update for the new millenium.)

Note: Please use constructive criticism in the guestbook and in your e-mails and comments. Just saying my page sucks or telling the flaws will do me little good. The best way to solve a problem is to suggest a solution. So please use CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. ---------Alphus


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