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I was born June 28th 1957 in Needles,Ca. the doctor slapped my butt and I opened my mouth to cry and haven't shut it since. My family then moved back to Texas. I've spent most of my life there ever since.

I've had a love for music ever since I used to listen to the old 45s on the record player. I got my first guitar when I was about 9. It was plastic and ended up getting broken over one of my brothers heads. I didn't do it!!! Much later I got another one and have loved to play ever since.

My influences run from the Beatles to George Jones. Stevie Ray Vaughan to Stevie Wonder I love it all.

I have been writing songs for quite some time and decided it was time to get them out there where they can be heard for better or worse.

Thank you for visting my site and please feel free to voice your opinion.

Thanks Mike Prather

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