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The Equestrian Club "Ranch W"

Konjeniški klub "Ranch W"

Bonini 62, 6000 Koper
Tel./Fax.: 00386 66 265 039

Where we are?

While going to Portorose you have to turn to Pula before entering in Koper and after 500 metres turn left to Marezige. When you come in the village Vanganel take the road to Sv. Anton and then you'll se horses playing on the field on your right.

map of Koper and souroundings

Who we are?

The equestrian club "Ranch W" was founded in 1995. The primary interest of the club is to bring forward country riding in touristic and sport area. To give popularity to trekkings, the club organized several of them, from the three day winter climb on Slavnik to the eight day summer ride near the Coast, over the Carst and the Brkini hills. Members of the club was took part to the "Snow Mountain Cavalry" in august '96 for the hard climb to the top of the mountain. The competition that intersts the club is the long distance riding, the endurance, but not only to compete for the "Ranch W" organized a succesful race in the '96 season for the Slovenian cup. Actually in the stable of the "Ranch W" are 6 horses of different breeds and 4 foals; the pride of the club is the black lipizzaner stallion Siglavy Gaeta. IV

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Cross coutry riding
The Club is orientaited mainly to country riding. Begginers must normally have a riding course on the nearby fields, but very soon they are iniciated to the beauties and problems of the country riding. The surrounding offers different types of terrain so even in short rides you encounter slopes and descends, crossing streams and rivers, you ride through woods and spiny bushes and the plain Vanganel valley with it's soft ground is ideal for safe gallops.

In the Trekking Section od the "Ranch W" operate extreme riders, who can't be satisfied with usual country riding and want every day more. Interesents are prepaired with all-day rides in every weather and then can join few days trips. Expert trekkers of the "Ranch W" rode many long trips and found several routes ideal for touristic trekkings. Even the freezing cold couldn't stop them in February 1994 for the winter climb of the Slavnik nor the rainy spring for a four day trekking ridden completely in the rain. The most impressive remains the eight day solitary trekking of the Lone Rider in July 1996 and in August the Section was guest of the Cavalry of Ilirska Bistrica for the climb of the Snow Mountain. For September 14th and 15th the Section organized a mass march on the Slavnik where we will be joined by the Cavalry of Ilirska Bistrica.

  1. trekking horse

    Trekking in Istria. Photo: D. Kleva

Although the endurance is a new sport in Slovenia it has every day more enthusiasts. In 1996 the "Ranch W" organized it's first endurance "The Wine Feast Endurance '96". For the club competes the young Lara Krmac with the black lipizzaner stallion Siglavy Gaeta IV.

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Equestrian Club "Ranch W"
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